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An evidence-based coaching practice

My approach is based on Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), a framework within behavioral psychology that focuses on how thoughts and feelings influence behavior.

ACT has 600+ randomized controlled trials supporting its underlying theory and practical application. It has been utilized in clinical settings as an evidence-based therapy, and non-clinical settings, like performance coaching for Olympic athletes.

If you'd like to learn more about ACT and how it relates to startups, you can check out this article I wrote for Every.

In their words...

Dan Shipper
Founder at Every

"I've been working with Casey for over a year now. I'd recommend him to any founder who is looking to grow their business while staying connected to meaning."

Dennis Hu
Founder at Drug Hunter

"I've grown a lot through working with Casey. I wouldn't have prioritized marketing or sales as quickly, and probably wouldn't have made a bunch of decisions as quickly if not for our work together."

Zack Weiner
Co-Founder at Overtime

"Casey intimately understands the founder journey, and his approach has been uniquely helpful in navigating the stress and high-stakes decisions. Whenever someone asks me to recommend a coach, I point them to Casey."

Leandra Tejedor
Ex-Founder at Vidcode (YC S16)

"I'd recommend Casey to anyone, especially founders worried about how to align their company to their values and trying to figure out their next steps."

Matthew Pryor
Co-Founder at Tenacious Ventures

"Casey has helped me to be more effective and aligned with my values. He has a unique and powerful way of listening and guiding me toward a deeper and more actionable understanding of myself."

Mattan Griffel

Founder at Ophelia (YC W20)

"Casey is a master at cutting to the core of what matters and getting you to think differently about things that have been personal obstacles for a while."

Elias Wehbe

CEO at Big Little Robots

"I feel lucky to have found Casey. In a year filled with uncertainty and deep personal struggles with what it means to fail or succeed as a founder, Casey created a safe space for me to work through my anxieties. His unique ability to empathize with founders while providing coaching drawn from behavioral psychology, eastern philosophy, and ACT helped me reconnect with my values and find purpose again."

Dustin Liu
Lecturer at Stanford d.school

"Casey's coaching feels tactical and spacious, a really special combination. Our sessions feel like an opportunity to slow things down and notice what’s really there. I leave sessions feeling lighter every time we meet."

Aseem Sood
Ex-Founder at Open Collective

"Working with Casey was a fantastic opportunity for me to explore my entrepreneurial journey in a safe space. The cadence of listening, feeling, and expressing in a non-judgmental manner helped me to identify parts of me that often get ignored otherwise."

You may be a fit you are....

-A founder of a startup looking to grow into your changing role

-A leader looking to deepen a sense of calling in your work, so that you can prevent burnout and better engage your team

-An executive looking to make better decisions amidst stress and uncertainty

-An exited founder exploring next steps amidst high-optionality

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About me

I'm a founder and executive coach.

In 2014, I founded Hacker Paradise, a community-based travel company, and bootstrapped it to over half a million in annual revenue over the course of 3 years.

After exiting Hacker Paradise, I took a sabbatical, then joined Xenon Partners, a fund that acquires and operates B2B SaaS companies. I also worked on a bunch of side projects.

In 2020, I was exposed to ACT and started adapting it to the startup world. Since then, I've been on a mission to bring evidence-based practices from psychology to help founders reach the next level in life and work.

Outside of coaching, I write, build communities, teach mindfulness, and recently became a father.

Oh, and I think you're awesome 😉

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